Rose Rosette Disease SCRI Review Meeting

October 22-24, 2018 - Crossville, Tennessee

USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Specialty Crop Research Initiative project, “Combating Rose Rosette Disease: Short Term and Long Term Approaches”  (2014-51181-22644/SCRI)

RRD Review Schedule
By David Byrne
RRD Review Introductions
By David Byrne
Diagnostics 2016-2018 Research Report
By Francisco Ochoa-Corona
Testing of symptomatic and asymptomatic plants using RPA and update on the Florida status of RRV
By Mathews Paret, Fanny Iriarte, Austin Fife, Shimat Joseph, Caleb Alexander, Xavier Martini, Keith Schultz, Bryant Davenport, Gary Knox, Barron Riddle, Melanie Kalischuk
Antibody-based diagnostics
By Ramon Jordan and John Hammond
Rose Rosette Disease diagnostics: RRV primer evaluations
By Maddi Shires, Jake Ueckert and Kevin Ong
Multispectral sensors to detect plant stress
By Melanie Kalischuk and Mathews Paret
Agdia's commercial RPA for RRV
By Bryant Davenport
Electronic diagnostic nucleic-acid analysis-Roses
By Andres Espindola, Liz Peña-Zuñiga, Kitty Cardwell and Francisco Ochoa-Corona
Education and Outreach
By Kevin Ong
Extension materials developed or in development
By Jen Olson
Consumer preferences and willingness-to-pay for rose attributes
By Marco Palma
Mites on roses
By Gary Bauchan, Ron Ochoa, John Hammond, Ramon Jordan, Gabriel Otero, Connor Gulbronson, Joe Mowery, Chris Pooley
Phyllocoptes fructiphilus Keifer, 1940: one species? Or a complex of cryptic species?
By Jim Amrine
Phyllocoptes (Acari:Eriophyoidea) from rose: how many species?
By Tobiasz Druciarek, Mariusz Lewandowski, and Iaonnis Tzanetakis
Behavior and distribution of mites
By Gary Bauchan, Ron Ochoa, John Hammond, Ramon Jordan, Gabriel Otero, Connor Gulbronson, Joe Mowery, Chris Pooley
Mite sampling methods
By Mark Windham, Sara Collins, Katherine Solo, Lucas Hietala, Alan Windham, and Frank Hale
Showing impact and giving perspective with rose rosette reporting data
By Joe LaForest, Kevin Ong, David Byrne, and Maddi Shires
Where is RRD?
By Maddi Shires and Kevin Ong
Survey of the deep south for RRD and eriophyid mites
By Katherine Solo, Sara Collins, Ron Ochoa, Gary Bauchan, Liesel Schneider, Alan Henn, Jean Williams-Woodward, M. Hajimorad, Frank Hale, John Wilkerson, Alan Windham and Mark Windham
Rose rosette disease challenges
By Tom Evans, Nancy Gregory, Danielle Novick, and Terry Mhora
Screening for resistance to RRD
By Mark Windham, Sara Collins, Katherine Solo, L. Hietala, Brent England, Alan Windham, Frank Hale, and Walt Hitch
Oklahoma rose trials
By Jen Olson
Texas RRV screening trials
By Maddi Shires
Rapid phenotyping of RRV resistance by micro budding
By Francisco Ochoa-Corona
Raman-based pathogen diagnostics
By Dmitry Kurouski
Foliage disease resistance in Texas: Trials in College Station
By Stella Kang, Brent Pemberton, Ellen Young, Jeekin Lau, Seza Noyan, Natalie Anderson, and David Byrne
Texas A&M Overton field trials
By Brent Pemberton
Molecular maps and markers for diploid roses
By Patricia Klein, Mandy Yan, Ellen Young, Jeekin Lau, Stella Kang, Natalie Patterson, Natalie Anderson, and David Byrne
Dipoid and tetraploid rose population development
By Ellen Young and Jeekin Lau
Challenges of breeding roses resistant to rose rosette
By David Byrne
Pre-Meeting Survey of Research Priorities
By David Byrne